AI Job Matching Unlocking Hidden Talent and Transferable Skills

Enployable is the world's first value-based, human-centered, privacy-first AI job matching platform with a focus on mission, values, and soft skills — factors that matter. Our patent-pending platform unlocks hidden talent and matches candidates with transferable skills to address labor shortages in the construction, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and green tech sectors.


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Better Hires and Happier Employees

Our algorithms match candidates' values with companies' culture and work styles to ensure a genuine and long-lasting fit based on human factors. Our track record speaks for itself:

  • We fill roles in 2-7 days rather than 25 to 50 weeks
  • Reduce recruiting costs by 60%
  • Over a half million dollars saved for employers in 2023
  • 20x to 70x faster

Patent-Pending Technology

Our patent-pending technology helps you identify and reach out to hidden talent that isn't found on mainstream platforms. Say goodbye to the endless task of sifting through resumes on job boards. Enployable transforms recruiting into matchmaking to ensure higher retention and job satisfaction.

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Our Client Story

Read the story of Ardian Technologies, an industry leader in event security. See how our innovative hiring approach has helped Ardian create a strong team and embrace the future.


See why top technology companies use Enployable

We support the growth of some of the most innovative companies in the world

We’ve recruited for sales positions through a variety of sources in the past. Thanks to Enployable, this is the first time we were able to find the candidates who have the right mentality and mindset we are looking for. We are very pleased with the candidates who were presented to us.

Brian Arnold

Maria S.

CEO, Ardian Technologies, Inc.


Tailored Recommendations for a Fulfilling Career

Our digital career coach will help you identify your values and explore job opportunities that are unique to your personal values and objectives. With our solutions, you can:

  • Access your personalized hub to keep updated about open positions and special opportunities
  • Receive job openings at companies that are best suited for your lifestyle and values
  • Join a vibrant, supportive community with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion

See why top candidates use Enployable to find their ideal jobs

We help some of the best talent in the world build a fulfilling career

Enployable is offering something so refreshing to see! From a job candidate’s perspective, there really isn’t a way to know what it’s like to work for a company; most of the things you can find on the Internet are rumors or anonymous posts where the information can’t be verified. It’s exciting to know that Enployable is offering a way for me as a job candidate to understand companies based on my own criteria and to see whether they’d be a fit for me. Thanks to Enployable’s tailored recommendations, I’ve enhanced my job search. I’m now considering companies that weren’t originally on my radar but which I can now see are indeed a good match for me.

Brian Arnold

Ivan P.

Marketing Analyst

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Achieve Career Goals Together

Exchange job-related insights and share your resumes, projects or career goals with hiring managers.

  • Join our exclusive career events and webinars
  • Attend our office hours for further career coaching opportunities
  • Connect with recruiters or hiring companies


We have features you need,

together in one tool.

Task management

Candidates You'll Love

Employers receive personalized insights on candidate recommendations in the dashboard.


Insights and Intelligence

We provide important, bite-sized information that is crucial for your recruiting and talent retention.

Seamless Integration

Enployable complements any recruiting tools in your existing workflow.


A Career You'll Love

Our intelligent AI agent gives job candidates instant recommendations of companies that suit them best.


Data Visualization

Obtain insights about companies you are interested in as an important first step for your career success.


We Are In This Together

Connect with members to exchange job-related information such as job fairs or career events.


For enterprise clients, our product seamlessly integrates with yours

We work with colleges, schools and alumni associations. Our solution integrates with your career management tools so it works better for you and your students.


See how job seekers have found a fulfilling career with us

We thrive on exceptional customer experience.

Enployable opened up a new way for me to think about my job search, and created an exciting opportunity I hadn't previous thought of. My new job is life-changing for me and my family!”

Brian Arnold

Troy C.

Senior Technical Writer at a Federal Government Agency

Enployable provides the opportunity for engineers who are seeking to move to the management level an effective way to advance their careers.

Peter C.

Senior Engineer at the California State Transportation Authorities


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