Our patent-pending AI solutions help you identity hidden talent find and find matches 20-70 times faster while reducing cost by 60%. We address the labor shortage challenges in the construction, energy, transportation, and green tech sectors.

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Bring AI recruiting to your company with ease

Our AI agent helps you identify your talent needs based on the work requirements, your budget, market conditions, team culture, and your company mission.

  • Private, unbiased AI search
  • Align candidates' qualifications and motivation with your mission and growth goals
  • We only reach out to candidates who are good matches for you
  • Data-driven, unbiased recommendations
  • Instant communication with qualified candidates

Work chemistry is what matters

The #1 reason people leave a job is due to misaligned team culture. Our innovative algorithms place what matters most, human factors, front and center. By detecting the work chemistry between you and future employees such as work styles and compatibility, we help you recruit employees that'll love to be a part of your organization. Work chemistry is what matters. It translates into productivity, efficiency, performance, and revenue.


We have features you need, together in one tool.

Task management

Candidates You'll Love

Employers receive personalized insights on candidate recommendations in the dashboard.


Data Visualization

We provide important, bite-sized information that is crucial for your recruiting and talent retention.


Seamless Integration

Enployable complements any recruiting tools in your existing workflow.

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