What's Next from the 2021 Startup of the Year 

Enployable has already been making waves by being voted the 2021 Startup of the Year by HackerNoon. Our commitment to excellence in bringing you a tailored, purposeful hiring experience has been graciously recognized with this prestigious award. 

Here at Enployable, we recognize the value of a good culture match and how important it is to find team members that align with the vision, values, and culture of your company. Did you know that the number one reason people quit their jobs is due to toxic culture? Turnover is expensive. After investing your valuable time and money through extensive interviews and training, you’re landed right back to where you started once the employee leaves. 

What if there was a better way?

Using our revolutionary AI recruiting engine, we are providing companies with potential employee matches based not just on the past, but on the potential for the future. Using information regarding your specific values, the culture of your workplace, and your future goals, we match you with qualified professionals who share those values.

Through this process, Enployable will become your career matchmaker. Our goal is to enable employers to rethink their hiring process and explore opportunities that haven't been available in the past. The Great Resignation has forced us all to adapt to the reality that the majority of the workforce may be looking for a new job. How can a business ensure that they can find and retain qualified candidates?

This is why Enployable matters. 

We are working hard to match you with qualified employees who fit your company culture. A good culture fit is more than providing a great place to work, great benefits, and great pay. It also provides a place to belong, a place to grow, and a sense of pride in one’s work. 

This is the value Enployable brings to the table. We don’t merely match you with good workers or competent people, we match you with candidates that exude your company’s vision and fit well with your existing workforce. We don’t fill open jobs with warm bodies, but provide personalized matches that best align with your company’s core values.

This frees up time by eliminating the random chance of the interview process. Finding that perfect fit for your business through traditional means is like finding a needle in a haystack. Times have changed; so should your recruiting method. Come and find out why Enployable was voted 2021 Startup of the Year. Sign up today at https://www.enployable.com/.

What's Next from the 2021 Startup of the Year?

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